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Our History

In 1991 in the beautiful city of North Vancouver, in British Columbia, a group of football (soccer) loving young Iranians started a soccer team and called it Persian soccer Club, P.S.C.
P.S.C. started in the third division of Vancouver Metro Soccer League, VMSL. After an unbelievable first season they won the third division championship and got promoted to the second division.
The second achievement came in the 1998-99 season when the team, which was now called “SHAHEEN Football Club”, S.F.C. got promoted to first division and made history by being the only Iranian team in the league to get promoted to first division.
Between 1992 up until 1998, the team went through many changes, speacially the name of the club which changed from P.S.C. to HOMA Soccer Club, before becoming Shaheen FC. In 1999 S.F.C. got relegated to second division, however in 2000/2001 it won the second division championship and went back up to the first for the second time.
Through the years we have had players from all nationalities in our club; players from, Japan, Romania, Iraq, Canada, USA, Belgium, Afghanistan, Argentina etc...  and there have been several coaches that directly or indirectly contributed to the success of Shaheen FC. 
These coaches were, Mr. Karimi (1991), Mr. Hassan Kazemi(1992), Mr. Faramarz Habibi (1993-95), Mr. Daryoosh Mehregan (1995-96), Mr. Mohammad Najafi (1997), Mr. Saeid Babady (1998), Mr. Bahram Moghaddam (1999), Mr. Goodarz Tahmasebi (2000-2001), Mr. Bahram Moghaddam (2001-Present)
2002/03 season was not a good year, the team got relegated to second division. We started rebuilding in 2003/04 and we had a good season in 2nd division. The rebuilding continued in 2004/05 season with average age dropping by 5 years. The team has attracted many young players which will hopefully help the team to win promotion back to 1st division.

Shaheen Fc
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